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NorPEN is a network of researchers with the purpose of facilitating research within the field of pharmacoepidemiology in the Nordic countries.

August 17, 2018

Next meeting

Oslo, 7-9 November, 2018

From the Womb to the Grave - Life-course Pharmacoepidemiology

Download the flyer for NorPEN 2018

In addition to the NorPEN meeting there will be arranged a:

1. Pre-meeting course: An introduction to genetic epidemiology: Quantitative genetics, causal inference, and novel polygenic methods (download the course flyer here). The number of participants are limited.

2. Meeting for Registry holders: Maintaining high quality and efficiency in prescription databases across the Nordic Countries

Previous meetings

Helsinki, November 1-3, 2017 [click to view full size]
  • Program: The 10th NorPEN meeting [PDF]
Stockholm, November 16-18, 2016
  • Program: The 9th NorPEN meeting [PDF]
Odense, November 12-13, 2015 [click to view full size] Oslo, November 17-19, 2014
  • Program: The 7th NorPEN meeting [PDF]
Stockholm, October 25-26, 2012
  • Program: The 6th NorPEN meeting [PDF]
  • Presentation [PPT]
Odense, October 13-14, 2011
  • Program: Drug exposure and prescribing quality in a Nordic context [PDF]
  • Nordic prescription registers (Denmark) [PPT]
  • Nordic prescription registers (Sweden) [PPT]
  • Nordic prescription registers (Norway) [PPT]
  • Nordic prescription registers (Finland) [PPT]
  • Nordic prescription registers (Iceland) [PPT]
Reykjavík, October 14-15, 2010
  • Program: Medicine use in children [PDF]
Kuopio, March 16-18, 2010
  • Program: Research into psychotropic drugs and drug use among older people [PDF]
Oslo, October 20-21, 2009
  • Program: Reproductive health: Focus on drug use in pregnancy [PDF]
Göteborg, March 4-5, 2009
  • Program: Research using prescription medicine registers [PDF]
  • Swedish Prescribed Drug register [PDF]
  • Norwegian Prescription Database [PDF]
  • Register information on medicine in Finland [PDF]
  • The Icelandic Pharmaceutical Database [PDF]
  • Medicine registers in Denmark [PDF]
  • Measuring drug exposure: Rationale and methods [PDF]
  • Public and secret information and personal data in research [PDF]
  • Health data registries: A gold-mine for researchers [PDF]