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NorPEN is a network of researcher groups with the aim of facilitating research within the field of pharmacoepidemiology in the Nordic countries.

March 14, 2024

NorPEN Seminar Series

The NorPEN Education Group offers a seminar series where speakers present new studies, novel tools and methods, and other topics of interest in pharmacoepidemiology.

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A list of previous seminars can be found here.

NorPEN seminar series March 12th 2024
  • Presenter: Heidi Taipale, Senior Researcher at Niuvanniemi Hospital, Finland and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

  • Title: Handling polypharmacy in psychiatric pharmacoepidemiology
NorPEN seminar series January 24th 2024
  • Presenter: Maurizio Sessa, Associate Professor at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen

  • Title: Conditional Average Treatment Effects using Meta-learners and explainable risk equations
NorPEN seminar series February 15th 2023
  • Presenter: Edouard L Fu, postdoctoral research fellow at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

  • Title: Using clone-censor-weight to study deprescribing: an application to RAS inhibitors in advanced CKD patients
NorPEN seminar series September 12th 2023
  • Presenter: Anthony Matthews, Assistant Professor in Epidemiology and Causal Inference at the CAUSALab at IMM, Karolinska Institutet

  • Title: Benchmarking observational studies against randomized trials